Bluehost vs Godaddy

Bluehost and Godaddy are without a doubt the two leading web hosting companies. Although, a wide range of services are provided by both the two companies, the real question however is which one of the two web hosting companies is better in terms of pricing, long term solution as well as compatibility. Here is a concise answer to your dilemma as both the two web hosting platforms bring something unique on the table. Here are some of the features of both the two web hosting companies:

The difference in pricing is staggering when it comes to the two companies. This is mostly because of the fact that both the two companies offer various discounts on numerous occasions. Anyways, to narrow it down, the starting price of Bluehost is $2.95 per month whereas Godaddy’s starting price is $3.95 per month. Both the two service providers offer free domains which obviously is a viable option.

The backends for both the two company have features of simplicity as their cpanel is quite similar to each other. Not only that, but they are also built on the basis of standard cpanel dashboard. Talking about the support features, Godaddy’s team of customer reps might take a longer time to resolve your issue but they do get the job done quite effectively. On the other hand, Bluehost is seen to be as a fast but not very reliable when it comes to fixing up a technical issue.

Basic plans of both the two companies are quite similar as they offer almost the same perks. While both the companies come with a 30 day money back guarantee on all their offers. The only difference lies in the fact that Godaddy offer 100GB of disk space whereas Bluehost offers unlimited. Again, if you’re looking to host a medium sized website then 100GB of space is enough. On the other hand, unlimited space is always good to keep yourself on a safer side.