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iPage vs WPEngine

Both iPage and WPEngine are amongst the frequently used web hosting servers. Although, WPEngine is not a standard web hosting server, it is completely dedicated to WordPress and deals with customers who tend to experience heavy trafficking on their webpages. On the other hand, iPage does not deal with only a single server but allows its customers to explore their options.

Starting with the pricing of both the web hosting servers, WPEngine tends to come off as slightly pricey as it begins with a huge rate. Rather than starting with a low price and gradually increasing it, like iPage does, WPEngine has a set price for each of the plan. The policy employed by iPage allows the customer to take risks and explore multiple options rather than sticking with a single plan due to high price. Although, iPage is less pricey it has a very short time span for the money return policy. In case the customer does not find the service to be fitting and according to their needs, they can withdraw and have a 100% refund, within the next 15 days for ipage and within 60 days for WPEngine.

In regard to the customers service, both the web hosting servers have always satisfied their customers. Both provide the live chat, phone support and email facility allowing their customers and easy way of communication. For the beginners in the field, the servers provide comprehensive and easy to understand tutorials, making the experience less stressful. Once the webpage is live, the speed of the server is really important as it determines the rate at which the users get connected to the website. Technically the figures work in favor of iPage, but according to customer reviews, many have claimed that WPEngine tends to have a greater speed as compared to iPage. Uptime/ downtime determines the time after which the webpage crashes or tends to trouble the user. iPage has a relatively lower rate of successful long run web pages without crashes but the technicalities are often effectively dealt with ensuring that the customer faces absolutely no trouble.

Both the servers provide the facility of unlimited data sharing but the WPEngine users are often restricted due to the fixed size of the hard disk. Unlike the iPage users, who have unlimited storing space, WPEngine users need to be selective while storing data.

Despite the difference, both the web servers are extremely well-known and have received positive reviews from their customers.