Let's Together Fight Cancer
AND Make A Difference!
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Cancer is preventable, as majority of the cancer disorders are
based on life style. Lifestyle modification plays major role in
preventing cancer. One of the most important among these is
exercise and systematic applications of these on our body as
well as mind. Most of the literature depicts that, you need
adequate rest at the time of treating the cancer, but regular
exercises are the best way to prevent cancer by managing
carcinogens by keeping them within the limit.

Benefits of an exercise program for cancer patients

1. Exercises of various types will improve your physical condition by activating your systems
like respiratory, digestive. It also activates bowel and bladder to detoxify, thereby adding
quality of life.

2. Some studies suggest that aerobic fitness, muscular strengthening, yogasanas, meditation
etc have a greater role in calming down the mind and body thereby reducing stress and risk of
carcinogenic activity  in the body.

3. Exercise is also a major factor that can help to reduce fatigue, depression and muscle
weakness due to the effects of cancer as well as chemotherapy.

4. Bodily exercises help you by boosting the lymphatic and circulatory system .It is one such
factor that encourages the production of white blood cells to fight against your cancer cells.

5. It is also observed that hospitalization length can be cut down on exercise program of a
cancer patient.
Alkalizing diets
  • Most common alkalizing diets are fresh fruits of the citrus class, various types of legumes, blue berries, mushroom, nuts, green leafy vegetables, tubers like
    potatoes, nuts and low sugar based fruits, etc.
  • Stop consuming standard American diet including products that are heavy in sugar, meat, processed food, sodas, caffeine and alcohol.
  • Try to go 80% alkaline diet, and 20% acidic diet.
  • Try to maintain your body PH between 7.2 and 7.4; people whose body PH are too acidic or too alkaline, are less resistant to sicknesses and diseases.
  • Avoid fast foods, and eat organic food.
  • Our body needs essential healthy fats such as omega 3 fat, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, fish oil, avocado oil.


Cancer Society of America | Alkaline vs Acidic Body | Body PH | Cause, Symptoms & Risk Factors | Cancer Diagnosis | Cancer Prevention, Early Detection & Treatment

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Modern science and research have given a clear conclusion that the cancer cells
tend to grow well within an acidic environment compare to an alkaline environment.
Cancer cells certainly need an environment that is conducive. Most of carcinogenic
activities or cancer activities are catalyzed by low PH levels in our body. A low PH
level refers to an acidic environment, and a high PH level refers to an alkaline one.
Cancer cells love an acidic environment, and the reason for that is there is a lack
of oxygen at cellular level in an acidic environment. A disrupted alkaline level can
also manifest headache, nasal congestion, fatigue, anxiety, irritability, nervousness,
cysts, excess mucous production, etc.

PH is the a balance between acid and alkaline compositions which is generally is acquired in body rather than a natural phenomena
depending on our diet. Some diets promote more acidic environments, and others can be alkaline which generally hinders the
growth of cancer cells. However that doesn’t mean that cancer cells completely die in an Alkaline environment, but at least they
could be lethargic.
In general, cancer cells lie dormant until the body gets alkalized and the pH level reaches higher and there after,
these malignant cells slowly die off.

The goal to diet in a cancer patient is to help in maintaining normal pH level of around 7.35-7.45. However maintaining an alkaline
setting is most pivotal because an alkaline environment helps in regulating and maintaining higher oxygen level at molecular level,
and keep the balance on the part of  minerals. Minerals play a vital role in preventing cancerous process.

What reduces an alkaline environment or bring down the oxygen levels in cells?
  • Consuming sugar, meats, fast foods, processed foods, sodas, caffeine and alcohol can create an acidic environment.
  • Lack of essential fatty acids that cell membranes need in order to transfer oxygen and nutritions into cells.
  • Lack of movement and exercise eventually slow down the blood and lymph flows which creates a poor system for oxygen
    transfer into cells.
  • Over toxicity in body causes difficulty for cells to breathe normally, and makes it harder for cells to remove waste as they did
    before in a cellular level.



Alkaline Body vs Acidic Body

Let's Together Fight Cancer
AND Make A Difference!