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cancer_society_of_america_Cancer is believed to be one of the most deadly diseases that have affected the human population in every countries, in every cultures, in every race. Generally speaking, cancer is a metabolic disease, a condition that affects the metabolism rate in human beings. Cancer has been termed as metabolic disease because cancer directly affects the cells.

A cell is the smallest unit in the body (of living things, plants and animals included), which jointly forms tissues, and tissues form body parts or organs. A human body is composed of billions of cells. Cancer attacks on the cell, the building lock of the body, therefore, it is a deadly disease. When an individual suffers from cancer, there is a sudden rapid growth in the cells (in the area where cancer has affected), and this growth is abnormal and alarming. Usually, in the process of normal growth when a cell becomes matured, it splits into two and forms two cells, two cell divides and form four. The old cells die and new cells continuously build up. However, when cancer is spreading, the cells affected by cancer continuously divides and builds up. These cancerous cells do not die by builds up until they are clumped together to form a tumor.

In medical terminology, cancer is a stage when the cells become trophoblastic, a state in the human body when the cells starts multiplying faster. Let us illustrate this in this way: when you are injured, your body starts to heal the wound by multiplying cells in the injured area. At a certain stage, cells lowers multiplying rate, in other words the wound is healed.  However, when the trophoblastic condition occurs, the cells keep on multiplying to build up a lump of tissues, which is called tumor in medical terminology. When the cells multiply in the faster rate to form a tumor, it is very harmful to the human body.

Normally, cancer is treated in two ways: the radiation and the chemo. However, both of these therapies are not 100 percent successful in treating cancer, The reason for the failure of the radiation therapy and the chemo therapy is pointed at the fact that these therapies increases more wounds in the body resulting in the increase. Furthermore, these therapies also affect the immune system badly resulting in the stoppage of natural healing.

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