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Cancer is a diseases identified by the abnormal growth of cells resulting in building up
tumors. Cancer could occur in different parts and organs in the body, thus, there are
various types of cancer. When cancer is diagnosed in the early stage, there is a good
possibility of recovery.  Cancer can be treated based on the type of cancer and severity
of cancer. Cancer treatment methods include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy,
etc. During the treatment of cancer, one or combination of two or more methods are used.

Cancer medications are given based on the type and the stage of cancer. Different stages
refer to different magnitudes of the attack on how widely it has spread or if it is still at its
original location.  

  • Surgery: when cancer has not spread to other parts, surgery is the most preferred method to help treat the cancer. Surgery
    is mostly used in case of breast, skin, colon and lung cancer. If the attack has spread to the lymph nodes, to treat the case,
    the affected lymph nodes are removed.
  • Radiotherapy or radiation treatment is a cancer treatment method in which cancer cells are destroyed by exposing  
    cancerous cells in high-energy gamma-rays. Radium or x-rays are used to emit high-energy rays. Radiation also weakens  
    the immune system over the long term.
  • Chemotherapy: cancer cells are treated with chemicals or clinical drugs that damages proteins or DNA resulting in the  
    stoppage of unusual cell division. Chemotherapy targets cancers cells as well as non-cancerous cells (usually, cancerous
    cells cannot recover from chemotherapy).
  • Immunotherapy is a way to boost immune system so that the body can fight cancer naturally. In immunotherapy, agents
    such as the protein interferon alpha is injected in the affected area resulting in the shrinkage of tumor.
  • Hormone Therapy: Cancers are also linked to the imbalance in hormones, for instance prostate cancer in men and breast
    cancer in women. In hormone therapy, hormone production is altered resulting in the stoppage of unusual cell division or
    killing of cancerous cells.

Radiation and chemotherapy may be used in case surgery does not work effectively. These two methods specifically work best for
lymphoma. When undergoing chemotherapy, it is important to note that the process weakens one's immune system, so proper diet
and eating well can be a wise idea. Also it is advisable that to stay away from people with highly contagious ailments such as colds
and flu. Plenty of rest is equally important.



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