What is cancer?
Cancer is not just one disease, there are more than 200 types of cancers which can occur at any part of the body! Our bodies consist of trillions of cells. All parts of body including
blood, bones, organs, muscles, tissues, neurons, and skins are composed of cells. Normal cells constantly reproducing by dividing and multiplying to replace old damaged
cells. Normal cells grow and die and will be replaced by new cells in an orderly fashion. When these orderly reproduction of cells get out of control and reproduce themselves in
an abnormal fashion, excess cells are formed to be known as tumor. In most of the cases, these tumors are not life threatening; they are called "Benign tumors", not cancer. But
once these cells begin to divide and multiply, they become cancer cells forming "Malignant tumors".

Why people get cancer?
Cause of cancer could be due to many factors. There could be one or multiple reasons that one gets cancer. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, smoking
is number one, and obesity, poor nutrition and inactivity, in combination, is number two leading risk factor and cause of cancer in the US. In some cases, inherited genes will be
exposed to cancer, while in other cases, genes get disrupted by external environmental reasons as smoking, occupational exposure to carcinogens, chemicals and toxins
present in the atmosphere and work hazard, viruses, excessive alcohol consumption, UV and ionizing radiation. Prescription drugs are other leading risk factors that may
contribute to cause of cancer in the U.S.  Either or combination of genetic and environmental factors may cause one to get cancer! The good thing to know is that not long ago
many cancers were once fatal, are curable now and treatable than ever before.

Vitamin D and Cancer
Claim: Fully 75% of breast and colon cancer deaths could be prevented if vitamin D level in our body be between 40 and 60 ng/ml. According to a research by Dr. Cedric F.
Garland from University of San Diego, CA Department of Family and Preventive Medicine, if vitamin D level is increased and maintained from 25 ng/ml to 40-60 ng/ml, it would
have prevent approximately 58000 new cases of breast cancer, 49000 new cases of new colon cancer each year, and therefore three quarters of deaths from these diseases will
be prevented in the United States and Canada.

Higher Cancer Cases in Western Countries
Reported cancer cases in the United States and other western countries are four times higher than in those of third world countries. The reason for this difference is believed to
be due to the life style and more consumption of key food that have long history of medicinal properties which they fight cancerous cells at molecular levels.


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Cancer is the second cause of death in
USA, 1 in every 4 people dies from
cancer in the United States!

USA cancer death rate has increased
nearly four times since 1900!
1 of 5 deaths in USA is due to smoking,
based on the recent studies of the
Center of Disease Control and
Smoking is related to more than twenty
types of cancer. Smoking also increases
the risk of getting heart diseases and
40% of people in the USA will be diagnosed
with cancer at some point during their life

1450 people are diagnosed with some type
of cancer in the USA everyday!


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30-35% of all cancer deaths are due to
obesity, bad diet, and physical inactivity!

1/3 of cancer deaths could be avoided
through prevention!

90-95% of all cancers are due to
environmental factors, and the other
5-10% are genetics!

One in every eight women gets breast

75% of breast and colon cancer deaths
could be prevented if vitamin D range in
blood would be between 40-60 ng/ml!

Studies shows that healthy diet and
physical activity are important key factors
to reduce the long term risk of cancer!
Let's Together Fight Cancer
AND Make A Difference!